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Dear Ladies,

Welcome on my website. My name's David and I am a professional male escort. What I do, I do the best of my abilities, offering premium male escort services to sophisticated female clients.

As it happens, I love my job. Truth be told, I can't think of anything more rewarding for a man than spending time with smart, ambitious, self-confident women who know how to appreciate life.

Even more to the point, I am very good at what I do.

What is it that I do?

There are many words that come to mind. Some say I'm a gigolo, a callboy, a man for hire, gigolo for rent… Okay, be my guest, but there is simply so much more to it. I like to think of myself as a male companion. To put it simply, I can be anything you want me to:

  • an elegant and witty partner of impeccable manners that will accompany you to
  • a formal party,
  • a buddy with whom you can dance the night away after a hectic week at work,
  • someone who will listen to you and appreciate you as a person,
  • an affectionate and patient partner, focused on you and your needs.

I am perfectly capable of doing all that… and more. It all depends on you.

The key word is top quality

The escort service for ladies that I render is of superior quality. There is much "addedvalue" to my offer that goes beyond good looks and charm. What I mean here is sophistication, emotional intelligence, class and reliability. These are the qualities that very few of other male escorts have or… pretend to have.

The key word is fun

In a nutshell, yes. It's all about trouble-free, innocent (or not so innocent) fun… Fun that you deserve and where you set the rules. Whatever you want to do, I'll be more than willing to share with you. I told you: I love my job.

I offer male escort services in the following cities and in many others places arround the world. For few examples:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Brussel
  • Amsterdam
  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Madrid
  • Berlin
  • Monaco

Fun, where You set the rules...